Patient Care

American Renal Associates (ARA) is one of the nation’s largest owners and operators of outpatient kidney dialysis facilities. ARA is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care. We are committed to providing outstanding services, allowing patients to remain as independent as possible.

ARA, in partnership with Dr. Rabih Bazzi, supports and manages state-of-the-art outpatient dialysis centers in the Detroit area.

Planning Your First Visit

What to bring:

  • A light snack.
  • Your insurance card/cards and your ID.
  • All of your home medications in a bag including supplements and over the counter medications.
  • Your discharge instructions from the hospital.
  • A family member and/or friend to visit you during some of your treatment if you would like (they will need to wait in the lobby at times, so they may want to bring a book or activity).
  • A book or other quiet activity (satellite TV or Radio with ear phones are also available for each patient).

Contact Us with any additional questions you may have.